REMINDER: Social Distancing Applies To All Public Spaces – Sports, Beaches, and Parks Included

March 22, 2020
Please remember that the Safer at Home Order is designed to keep people in safe environments away from others, and following the Social Distancing policies. The fact that the Safer at Home Order allows for people to go on walks or bike rides should not make anyone disregard the seriousness of the health emergency we are in. Everyone must do their part to keep themselves and others safe.
The Safer at Home Order is meant to limit people in our public spaces to prevent spread of the virus. While walking, biking, hiking and jogging are still OK, there are unfortunately a lot of people congregating in our parks, especially playing sports and not respecting social distancing, acting in violation of the Governor’s Order.
As a result the City will be taking additional steps to close sports courtstennis centersbasketball courtspicnic areas, and other public spaces where people interact in close proximity. Playgrounds, dog parks, and skateparks are already closed.  
The City will continue to place additional signage reminding and notifying people of these and all other closures, and to respect social distancing when walking along the beach bike path and in our parks.
While getting out of the house and exercising is important and healthy, and while I have enjoyed seeing so many families and kids playing outside, it absolutely needs to be done with social distancing in mind and in alignment with the polices currently in place. Additionally, congregating is not allowed per the Governor’s Order and local Health Order.
I realize things are changing rapidly and new information and updates are coming out all the time. But, I want to assure you that my office and my team are at your service and will continue to provide any and all assistance we can from both our office at City Hall as well as our Field Office at 340 Nieto Avenue. Please reach out to our office any time as our focus will continue to be providing effective information and responsive assistance for any request.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact my office at (562)570-6300 or by email at