March 28, 2020
I want to make sure resident are aware of some of the City resources and services that continue to operate during this crisis. Even during this emergency, the City is still functioning and working hard to provide for residents.
The City of Long Beach’s leadership and staff are committed to help you persevere during these difficult times, as our City, State and Country responds to the COVID-19 pandemic. Effective March 16, 2020, please note that Long Beach City Hall (including the Permit Center and Neighborhood Resource Center) are closed to the public through March 31, 2020 or until further notice. These precautionary changes were implemented to prevent the community spread of COVID-19 in Long Beach.
HOWEVER, City Departments such as Economic Development (ED), Development Services (DV) and Public Works (PW) will continue to operate virtually via phone, website and email communications. Below are resources and services to help guide your active development City-related projects.
  • City Business Support: Visit ED’s website Link for the most up-to-date business support information and resources. If you need to speak to an ED representative, call 562-570-6099 during business hours.
  • City Planning Support: Visit the DV’s Planning Bureau’s website Link for more information pertaining to project updates, plan checks, entitlements and public noticing. If you need to speak to a DV Planning representative, call the zoning hotline at 562-570-6194.
  • City Building and Safety Support: Visit the Building and Safety Bureau’s Link for information pertaining to Permit Center plan submittals and inspection services. Effective March 18, 2020, the Development Permit Center will begin accepting plans in PDF format. Small file projects can be emailed to Please note that City staff will contact applicants with all relevant details and instructions. Mid-to-large size file projects can be uploaded to the City system. For instructions on how to upload projects, contact 562-570-7086 or email City staff will contact applicants with all relevant details and instructions. Contractors registered on the City online permitting system can continue with their project submittals as before.
  • City Inspections Support: City building inspection teams will continue to provide services for residential and commercial projects requested within 24 hours. Please note public health precautions will be taken to protect the public as and inspectors from COVID-19 such as: asking if there is anyone sick on the property or project prior to starting inspection; avoiding handshaking; and implementing social distancing practices during the inspection as required by the City’s Health Officer. Visit the DV Inspection Link for more information or if you need to speak to a DV Inspection representative, call 562-570-PMIT(7648) during business hours.
  • City Public Works Support: the City’s PW Engineering Bureau will continue to provide design and construction services. For more information, call (562) 570-6383 during business hours. Visit the Public Works Department website at Link for more information.
  • Modified City Services: Some City services will continue under a modified format. These include: plan checks (via PDF email), entitlement submittals (via Webex video-conference appointment with planner, with Dropbox for PDF); Planning Commission and Cultural Heritage Commission meetings (via Webex video-conference); public noticing and site posting of proposed developments (via City staff in lieu of applicants); and final inspections and project sign-off (which will require health precautionary measures taken by City staff in the field). Effective March 23, 2020, Zoning Administrator hearings will also continue under a modified format.
  • Unavailable City Services: City services that are temporarily unavailable include: in-person meetings; City staff attending outreach or community meetings; walk audits; and acceptance of paper applications. While the City strives to deliver all services, the use of alternative methods and reduced staffing may result in delays or inconveniences to the public. If you need to speak with a City representative regarding this matter, you can call 562-570-6194 during business hours.We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and patience as we proactively respond to the COVID-19 pandemic citywide.  We appreciate your partnership as we continue to move our City forward.
I want to again assure you that my office and my team are at your service and will continue to provide any and all assistance we can from both our office at City Hall as well as our Field Office at 340 Nieto Avenue. Please reach out to our office any time as our focus will continue to be providing effective information and responsive assistance for any request.