Gov Newsom Senior Meal Program For Restaurants

May 6, 2020
Governor Gavin Newsom has put forth a Meal Delivery Program for California seniors. The plan will allow local restaurants to prepare and deliver three meals a day, seven days a week to eligible seniors during the coronavirus crisis.
The City of Long Beach is currently establishing a structure for this program. If you are an interested restaurant, please reach out to us and we will add you to a list created specifically for this purpose. The program would provide three nutritious meals a day to senior citizens stranded at home during the shelter-at-home order. While the mechanism is still being developed, we believe the reimbursement will be $16 for breakfast, $17 for lunch and $28 for dinner, a total of $66 a day.


In terms of reimbursement, the state will pay 75% of the local government’s 25% share of the cost of the program, and FEMA will pick up the rest.


You can reply directly to this email with your restaurant name and contact information, or call our office at (562) 570-6300 to get on the list.  We look forward to helping address the nutritional needs of our Long Beach seniors.