Thank You Long Beach First Responders

June 3, 2020
Yesterday we saw a peaceful protest become a violent spectacle that spread violence and destruction throughout parts of Long Beach. While most residents were watching these dangerous events from the safety and comfort of their homes, our Long Beach first responders were working for hours on end responding to calls for service in every part of the City.
I want to thank our heroic Police Officers and Firefighters for their incredible work yesterday, and for their deep commitment to keeping Long Beach residents safe. We are fortunate that due to their integrity and exceptional work Long Beach avoided experiencing the worst that an event like what we saw last night can turn into.
With thousands of calls for service our first responders were able to ensure that there was no loss of life or even serious injuries suffered during last night’s violence, burglaries, and vandalism. Additionally, our Fire Department was able to respond quickly and stop all but one fire before it became serious. And even in that case they were able to keep it from spreading to any additional neighboring structures. Further, their presence and efforts limited the scope of harm inflicted on our city and reducing the escalation of tensions into even greater violence.
Thank you to each and every one of our first responders. I deeply appreciate your constant focus on keeping Long Beach safe and for protecting all residents.
If you have any questions feel free to contact my office at (562)570-6300 or by email at