New Way to Report Illegal Fireworks

June 30, 2020
In a further effort to address the issues of illegal fireworks the City Prosecutor has created a web portal for residents to report the use of illegal fireworks throughout the City.
Every year leading up to the Fourth of July fireworks become a concern to many residents throughout Long Beach. They cause can injuries and property damage, they frighten pets, and can start fires in residential neighborhoods, or our open spaces that are experiencing drought conditions. Fireworks are illegal in Long Beach, however their continued use in many parts of the city cause frustration in many residents, and create an incredibly difficult job for our Fire Department. This new way of reporting instances of fireworks use is meant to help track and record these incidents and create an opportunity for the City to engage directly with those residents.
Additionally, my office annually partners with CSULB to produce public service announcements to help educate residents of the dangers and negative community impacts of fireworks. This is thanks to the hard work of the Third District Fireworks Committee who that was created in 2017 to focus on this topic and develop new solutions and approaches to address this problem.