City Offers Extended Parking Relief

August 9, 2020
With the continued impacts of COVID-19 the City remains active in working to help residents, and one of those ways is by reducing the inconvenience residents feel due to parking.
The City of Long Beach will extend alternative off-street parking to residents in the most parking-impacted areas of Long Beach. The program was created in an effort to mitigate parking impacts caused by COVID-19.
Residents who received a free, off-street permit for local lots or garages may continue to use their passes through July 15.
The City of Long Beach also is continuing increased courtesy parking time for on-street parking meters. All on-street parking meters allow for 15 minutes of free parking to accommodate those picking up food from local restaurants, while still having parking meters in effect to allow for turnover of spaces serving essential businesses. To claim the free 15 minutes of parking, residents can press the green button on the parking meter.
More information about parking at